Friday, 16 May 2014

rita is in love with sneakers

I just came across this pix of Rita dominic..she was seen going about her duties in lagos in an ankara top and leggings and completed it with a nike high top sneakers.another pix after the cut..

Her shoe is sure the pointer.
Rita is one fashionable nigerian celebrity i admire,and she's got the best shoe style of all,and sure knows how to match up her shoes..


Frying-Pan said...

I don't know if its ma eyes. But nothing amuses me about this outfit of hers. The sneakers for a jean- yes. But with this kind of ankara top, d whole hair like a tropical rain forest...i don't get it. said...

Yea the ankara top is off..buh she pulled it fyn on her own...i rily luv jst the sneakers.u sef barbie send in ur shoe styles

Frying-Pan said...

I will Ma. My phone had a serious fall, and d camera just decided not to work again. am working on getting a new 1, i miss taking good pictures. And my hubbys fone, doesnt give me the kinda shot i want. Once i get a good album. Would definitely send to U - anything for 'our'