Friday, 30 May 2014

Red Houndstooth Cross-Strap Pumps

Sexy Women's Pumps With Houndstooth and Cross-Straps Design
These Sexy Women’s Pumps With Houndstooth and Cross-Straps Design are so cute, but the quality is not as good! But what do you really expect when they are on sale for only $12.56!
They are made of cloth, so they get very dirty easy unless you water proof them. They also run a little small, so I’d suggest to get about 1/2 size bigger.
Fit is not the best. It is very hard to get your heel in them. The straps are not long enough to loosen, and the side of the shoes fold in when you put them on.
Red Hounds Tooth Pumps
These Houndstooth and Cross-Straps Design Pumps are very cute once on, but started to hurt my feet after wearing them awhile.  I guess you get what you pay for.  But for only $12 bucks, I could endure the pain for a bit for the cuteness.

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