Monday, 26 May 2014

question of the day

Ini Edo launched her shoe line at the Dallas International Fashion event in Texas, USA in 2012
But the question here is.."is her shoe line still functioning? Cos nothing has been heard about it..or has she packed up?
Peeps in the house,give us info joor..
Cos i know her to be a shoe diva..and it was really a good thing she started something she loved for others to benefit


Frying-Pan said...

I don't like her shoes. Both on red carpet and movies. So even if it's free - i wont collect. Let alone using ma money to buy. I hope dose clogs she posed with are just said...

Lmao...her shoe styles aint it atal,but shez trying..dey shuld take a clue frim rita dominic..barbie we missed u..

Frying-Pan said...

Hahaha. I missed you too o, been kinda busy. The hustle aint easy you know