Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fat Female Wear Flat Shoes-May Increase Feeling of Fatigue!

As the report of “Life and Health”: When fat people walking, the pelvis and lumbar vertebra can not help to forward, the center of gravity will move ahead, the waist stress will increase. If wearing uncomfortable shoes, will cause the stress to be uneven, not hurt feet only, but also hurt the waist. Especially who are in middle age, the skeleton and feet become broaden. So it is difficult to choose comfortable shoes. It is easy for man tochoose shoes, because most of men’s shoes are in broad toe and flat outsole. But it is difficult for fat woman to choose comfortable shoes, especially to choose leather shoes. We know most of women’s leather shoes are point toe, it will tight the digits, easy to hurt the first digit and the fifth digit, at last cause the feet to be distorted.

Therefore, profession suggests that women who are in mid age choose shoes in round toe and flat outsole. But fat women are not suitable to wear flat shoes. Because thin outsole does not have the cushioning effect, the impulse from ground direct action on the feet, easy to let the feet feel tired. And fat female is easier than the average person to get the flat feet, the urethra control urination function to weaken, the lumbar vertebra to suffer injury and so on.. So it is better not to wear flat shoes and high heel shoes for fat female, try to choose wedge heel shoes with round toe.
It is better for woman wearing this platform shoes:

Too keep your health, please care about your feet.

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