Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tay never gets it wrong

Taylor is such a fashionista,she never gets it wrong...she sure knows how to catch the attention of onlookers anytime she steps out of her New york city apartment.

She wore a beige shorts and a blue shirt,topping it up with a kneevhigh red stockings on a brown leather lace up heels for her outing yesterday.

But as funny as it may sound,let's call a spade a spade,most of us might not be able to rock this dressing especially if you not in your private car, you can imagine walking on the streets of lagos especially the rowdy areas putting on this,road side comments will make you wish the ground should open..lool..or maybe in the north, would you even step out?
That's why i say we nigerians are very conservative when it comes to our shoe styles.we always want to play safe..


Frying-Pan said...

The problem isnt even wearing the shoe-its the dress thats a major problem just as u said. All her footwears tend to look alike, or is it my eyes? said...

Yea...i think she's sterotyped to the oxfords and brogues.