Saturday, 26 April 2014

solo movement

 Kris jenner  stopped in at her interior decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday,dressed in all black and white esemble while she finished the look with a wide white buckled straps on top of black stilettos, the heels were working extra hard to make a statement.peep at another pic after the cut.

This pair of stiletoes looks exactly like that of the shoe kourtney her daugher wore in previous post,its not wrong to share your foot wears with your child or siblings #this is what kim wore in LA


Frying-Pan said...

I was about asking the same question. Tot i saw dis same shoe on Kourtney'. Its not wrong anyway. All the ladies in ma house wear same size, and its awesome. Especially when they all have good shoe style. said...

Yea there's notn wrong,but it could be annoyn when you just get a new shoe,and they hlp u rock it first..all bcos of the same shoe size