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nude heels buying guide

A nude heel is a women’s shoe that is neutral in color (i.e. the same color as the skin of the person wearing them). Because Kate Middleton has been seen wearing them on Royal visits, nude heels are becoming more and more popular. Other celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively are also often photographed wearing them. Nude heels are very versatile; they can be worn at a wide range of events, from a night out dancing to a formal wedding. Nude heels are now seen as an essential part of any wardrobe, just as black heels were in the past. This guide looks at the advantages of owning a pair of nude heels. It also explains how to choose the correct shade of nude heels, and what to wear with them. There are many different styles of nude heels available, and this guide looks at the different styles and how they should be worn. Finally, this guide explains how to find a high quality pair of nude heels at affordable prices.

Nude Heels
Nude heels,, like black heels, go with all types of clothes and many different colors. They look particularly good with skirts and dresses, since they considerably lengthen the appearance of the wearer’s legs. They look both elegant and professional. Many people believe that nude heels look best when made of patent leather, or another type of leather which does not look like skin. Nude heels go particularly well with dark colors, but they do not go well with orange. Nude shoes draw the eye towards the clothes rather than the shoes. Wearing a nude heel shoes with a printed dress allows the dress to draws attention instead of the shoes. Black and white have always been a classic combination, and now celebrities such as Terri Hatcher and Victoria Beckham are using nude heels to achieve a dressier and more sophisticated look.

How to Choose the Correct Shade of Nude Heels
Choosing the correct shade of nude heels is as important as choosing the correct make-up. The correct shade of nude heels depends on the shade of the skin, so choose a pair that are close to the skin tone. However, the color should not be an exact match because, at a casual glance, this can look strange. Light nude heels look best on women with light skin. Heels with a caramel or chocolate tone look best with darker skin.
Styles of Nude Heels
There are a variety of different styles of nude heels. Different heels suit different types of clothes and are suitable for different occasions. The sections below explore several types of heels, including the kitten, the stiletto, and the wedge heel.

Stiletto Heel
A stiletto heel is a thin, high heel found on both shoes and boots. The length of the heel is between one and ten inches. Stilettos make the leg appear longer and thinner, especially with a nude coloring. The heel forces the calf muscle to flex and look more defined. Stilettos are a glamorous shoe, and should not be worn all day everyday. They can make any outfit appear sensual, while they add inches to a person's height and make the wearer feel feminine.
Stilettos can also be worn casually with jeans. The jeans should not be too long and should show off the heel of the shoe. However, the heel should not be the focal point of the outfit. Skinny jeans work well with nude stiletto heels. Finish the outfit with a loose fitting and flowing top. Nude stiletto shoes can be worn with any cut of jeans, but they work best with blue jeans. Shorter heels may work best with casual wear, especially if they are to be worn for a long time; very high heels can become uncomfortable over extended periods. Stilettos with a thicker sole are more practical, as they absorb the impact of walking on them.

Kitten Heels
A kitten heel is similar to a stiletto but is much shorter. It is more approprojiijhhate for office wear becuase it is a maximum of iijjjjjjjjjtwo inches, and tapered. Kitten heels are found on many different types of shoes, from sandals to pumps. Kitten heels were first made popular by Audrey Hepburn, and are now worn by famous people such as Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge. Kitten heels are popular with tall people,
since they make the leg appear slimmer without adding much height. Nude kitten heels can make an outfit look elegant. They work well with trophy trousers or a printed pencil skirt. Nude kitten heels should not be worn with wide trousers, because the small heel gets lost. Narrow trousers that are cropped at the ankle look elegant with patent nude kitten heels.

Wedge Heels
Wedge heels either run the entire length of the shoe or the just along the heel section. They come in a variety of different heights and styles. The materials used to make wedge heel shoes range from patent leather to canvas. They are appropriate for casual wear. They give the wearer a cosmopolitan look, and flatter the leg and the ankle when worn with shorts or short skirts. Nude wedge heels also compliment dark-colored, wide-legged jeans, but narrow-legged jeans and wedge heels should be avoided. Some styles of wedges have cork soles and heels. Wear nude cork wedges with long summer skirts and dresses that are dark or patterned.

Flat Heels
A wide range of flat shoes,, available in casual and designer styles, are ideal for tall women who want to enjoy nude shoes but feel they are too tall for a pair of heels. Flat heels may nevertheless add nearly an inch to the wearer’s height. They work well with dark leggings. Embellishments, such as bows or gems, work well with nude flat shoes. However, it is important not to go over the top with added flair; simple chic is better. When wearing a skirt with flat shoes, short skirts above the knee work well. The flat shoe tends to make legs look shorter, even when nude in color, so a hemline above the knee adds length back to the legs.

The chart below summarizes what (or what not) to wear with each style of nude heels.
Clothing Styles to Choose or Avoid
Stiletto Heel
Can make an outfit look sensual.

Can be worn with jeans that are not too long in length.

Work well with a flowing top and skinny jeans.

Kitten Heel
Ideal for taller people, since it slims the leg without adding height.

Worn with trophy trousers.

Avoid wide trousers, since the small heel does not get noticed.

Pencil skirts look elegant with nude kitten heels.

Wedge Heel
Available in a range of materials.

Avoid narrow-legged jeans.

Usually worn as casual wear.

Wear nude cork wedge heels with summer dresses.

Makes ankles appear thinner.

Flat Heel
Works well for tall women.

Use embellishments.

Wear shorter skirts to lengthen the leg.

Purchasing Nude Heels
Nude heels can be purchased at most department stores and at specialty shoe stores. They can also be found at online marketplaces and auction sites like eBay. When purchasing nude heels on eBay, be sure to look at the condition of the shoes in the photograph and read the description carefully. The seller will usually be more than willing to answer any questions about the shoes. Nude heels can be found on eBay in the Clothing, Shoes and Accessories filter located on the eBay homepage..
Choosing a Reputable eBay Seller
Choosing a reputable seller on eBay can help to ensure a straightforward transaction when purchasing nude heels. Looking at the feedback score of a seller can give a buyer a reasonable indication of whether the transaction is likely to be smooth and straightforward. Previous buyers leave feedback on a seller’s profile, indicating whether their experience was positive, negative, or neutral. Sellers who have a high percentage of positive feedback are more likely to offer a better service than those who have a poor feedback score.
The nude heel is an important part of a woman's wardrobe. The color of the shoes makes it possible to wear them with nearly any color of clothes. The color makes the legs appear longer and slimmer. The most important thing to remember when choosing a pair of nude heels is that the color must be very close to the skin color, but not identical. Nude heels can be purchased in many different heights and styles. Stiletto heels make almost any outfit glamorous. Kitten heels are great to wear with skirts and trousers. Many taller people prefer kten hels as they are two inches high,and thus do not add much height. Wedge heels make the ankles appear thinner. Nude wedge heels work well with dark,wide legged jeans.
Flat heels can be made to stand out more with embellishments,snd wearing short skirts with nude flats prevents the leg from apearing shortened. When choosing nude heels,consider the styles of clothes that will be worn with the shoes,and using the information above,choose the style that is most appropriate.

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