Friday, 11 April 2014

Killer heels: Stiletto murderer gets life in prison

Ana Trujillo, the woman convicted of killing her boyfriend with a stiletto heel, was sentenced Friday to life in prison in a Houston, Texas, courtroom, according to the Harris County district attorney's office. On Tuesday, the jury deliberated for just two hours before returning with a guilty verdict for Trujillo.

Prosecutors said Trujillo stabbed her boyfriend, Dr. Stefan Andersson, 25 times with her stiletto heel in June 2013. The defense argued that it was self-defense. They claimed Trujillo was the victim of abuse, and that there was a fight that night and Trujillo grabbed her shoe to ward off an attack.

In a re-enactment of the struggle by Trujillo and her attorney on Friday, Trujillo said, "He [her boyfriend] was suffocating me ... desperately, I reached over and grabbed my left shoe."

The defense argued for the minimum sentence, which would have been two years. Instead, the jury went for the maximum sentence of life in prison.

Please you guys should not mind me ooo,i just came across this article just now and it made me wonder like why on earth would a lady commit murder with a pair of stiletoes, these are shoes mean't to beautify our feets not as a weapon for murder......only God knows why out of all things,it had to be a shoe...i will never never be in surport murder.

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