Wednesday, 23 April 2014

how to build a closet full of shoes

I will try to explain this topic in a lay man's english so we could all understand.
People keep asking me how do i make my own shoe rack or closet? Don't worry guys this write up is for you.
Raising or building a shoe closet,ain't something you've got to go learn to do..

Our love for shoes,makes us wish to have a closet or rack full of them.but the question that pops into our mind is * where do one buy all those shoes from to start with?.the truth of the matter is 1. If you don't have the much needed capital to invest in high end designer shoes,you could buy good and durable shoes for less price from regular footwear sellers.
2. You don't have to buy all of the shoes at once. You could buy one or two shoes a day or maybe 2-3 shoes in a all depend on your financial bouyancy or capability. could divide your cloth cupboard or wardrope into for your clothes and the other for your shoes.the other for your shoes,you should then get a carpenter who could redesign it for you,putting the dividers to accomodate your shoes..but if you don't have a wadrope to yourself,you could buy or ask a carpenter to make a shoe rack for you which will become a walk-to closet(you walk towards your shoe rack or cupboard)and not just walk -in closet.
In doing all this,with time you will be able to gather enough shoes which will enable you proudly say you have a closet or rack full of shoes..
In summary: daily or weekly purchasing of shoes will lead to the growth of our desired shoe closet or rack..don't buy shoes only when you need them,cos you never know when you would be in need of it.
 *the more shoes you buy,the bigger your shoe collections become.


Frying-Pan said...

Ok na. 2/3 shoes a week ba? U want all some1s money to finish shaaa. That shoe closet is a necessity. said...

@barbie..hahaha...ehnn nau dats d only remedy to having a closet full of shoes,lool.Money cannot finish.