Saturday, 19 April 2014

GSB visitor: wedding photo's

 Blog visitor with alias name "barbie" on her wedding day..
she looks so beautiful and angelic..and what's even tripping me is the fact that she wore flats instead of heels for her wedding..even with the red flats she looks so gorgeous....happy married life to you...wish you all of the best in your new home...flats are good for all round occassion..
Barbie You made the flat look beautiful..more pix after the cut


Frying-Pan said...

Thanksss. I see me. I really had to be comfortable so i can dance well. said...

#smiles.....twas really beautiful...u pulled it..odas would have worn white,buh you preferd to add color which was absolutely nice.

sandra said...

Wow....this is the first time am seeing someone putting on flats for her wedding...buh its actually not bad.....buh Iwuld hve prefered white.. Anywaiz HML.