Thursday, 24 April 2014

embarassing shoe moments

Have you ever had a moment when you wished you never wore a particular shoe? Maybe due to mockery,insultive side comments,or maybe you just thought it felt out of place with your environment,even when you knew within you that the shoe is right?
Please share with us,lets have a good laugh and at the same time chip in corrective measures.

Alright am gonna start with myself...
I remembered vividly when i wore a wedge sneakers to a friends house,immediately she saw me,the first thing she said"you dey catch cold?,i just laughed it off and ignored her,on getting outside to the public,the side comments made me wish i never wore the shoe..stuffs like.."omo yankee"
"Na wetin she dey wear so", nobody told me to run back to my friend's house to change into flats..
I felt t'was the area,maybe girls are not really seen in shoes like was really embarrassing.but we had a good laugh after all.

Now am waiting for your stories!


Frying-Pan said...

Normally i wear a size 39. But recently all my shoes tend to be over sized. So on this fateful day, i stuffed my bros shoe pad in 1 and headed for a wedding. I don't even know how it happened o. Just when i wanted to do this quick catwalk-ma feet came flying outta d shoe. And the shock made me almost fall. It was veryyyy embarrassing. said...

Lool...i can only imagine..