Friday, 25 April 2014

7 glittery shoes anyone can wear

We all love a bit of glam in our lives, and what better way to achieve just that is there than with glittery shoes? To me, glittery shoes aren’t always risqué. I have friends who can take them to the extremes, and still look ridiculously gorgeous! In recent years, we have seen glittery brogues, Oxford shoes, sneakers, and of course the good old classic heels. Here are some glittery trends I think YOU should get behind.

Whether you just want something cool to walk around your house in, or dazzling shoes that are also comfortable, glitter slip ons are a must-have. I especially like black, because I am not the type of girl who is too sparkly when dressing up. However, I do recommend brave ladies trying out gold or silver. Glittery shoes that are also super-comfy are just too good to miss!


You don't even have to be brave to wear glitter flats in any color, in my opinion. If you are like me and your feet refuse
to conform to the pain of heels on a night out, glitter flats are a life saver. I have friends who genuinely believe no heels= no effort. I don’t subscribe to the go hard or go home theory when it comes to heels, so I like glittery flats instead. Nobody, and I mean nobody at all, can argue that glitter flats aint sexy.

Of course, if you DO like to tower above the world and sparkle in the process, wedges are golden. Usually wedges are still a comfy alternative to heels. Now these beauties from are seriously space age. Are we seeing a little re-emergence of the whole space theme from the sixties here? I think so. Don’t worry, glitter wedges come in less intimidating forms too!

Back to the land of flats! Does anybody remember those embarrassing jelly sandals that were so in vogue at the beach a few years back? Me too, sadly. Sort of weirdly, they’ve re-emerged in adult form. I’m not a fan of flat sandals, but I do love this little compromise above


Now aren’t these just the stuff of Courtney Stodden’s dreams? Who cares if they’re more pole than pretty, sometimes it is nice to just have a little something ridiculous in your life! I actually fear for several areas of my spine when I look at this, so I couldn’t even contemplate walking in them. You can get less dramatic platforms but I sort of like looking at the more extreme forms.


If burlesque beats pole in your book, then glitter kitten heels are better than glitter platform wedges. To me, these really are a modern Wizard of Oz-style compromise. There’s a little patent on the go too, which is always a bonus! You can get kitten heels sans the whole laces thing, which I know is news to the ears of women who can’t bear to combine laces and heels.


Another is this lovely number..sneakers goes anytime of the day,it could be used as a getaway from the normal flats or heels..i honestly love the wedge sneakers and with the glitters,is another avenue to add a pop of shine to you outfits.


Frying-Pan said...

It's only the glitter flats i can manage and wear- i don't like too much shine. Now i know what's a 'kitten heel'. Thanksss said...

Seems you very conservative with your shoes..