Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Your Embarrassing Shoe moment.

Have you ever been involved in an emarrassing siuation with your shoes before? You know we hear stories where people say i was so embarrased when my cloth tore or when my zip broke etc.

Here is an opportunity to tell our stories in relation to our shoes.

Hehehehehe......i remember a long time agao as i was walking,i felt a sudden wideness in my really felt akward cos the shoe was tight when i wore it and now all of a sudden it's loose..hmmm twas not funny at all as i bent down to check lo and behold the mouth have sha was really shameful and embarrasing because i was fully dressed to go somewhere. i just stood on,thinking of my life,looking left and right to see iff i could finde a shoe cobbler in sight but non came my way that's how i had to find my square root back home,changed 'em shoes and countinued my movement.

Since then i always have spare shoe in my bag because you don't know when and where the next embarrasement is chilling for you.looooll

aiit guys let's do the needful..keep your stories coming let's have a good laugh.

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