Wednesday, 26 March 2014

what most women prefer shoes to....

One thing we can agree on is that when it comes to women,what they want and would always want is,shoes and more shoes.
Why they want that is still a subject of it's own,that's why am going to take out time to list them out and explain. Ladies actually love shoes more than anything you can think of.
1. Food:

Food we must truthfully admit is needed for the well being of our body,but the fact here Is we ladies will unapolegitcally skip that enticing aromatic food,just to pick up a shoe,ditch buying that lively flavoured icecream for a pair of shoe.

Hmmmm,should that even be in the equation *eyesrolling*
Men/boyfriend/husband's actually comes after shoes.....alright let me give a simple example...imagine a situation where you chatting and laughing with your partner,and you are with your fone/tablet/laptops,and in the middle of the conversation,you got distracted by a shoe you saw online,no one will tell you that the conversation needs to be put on hold just so you could get the shoe..because at that moment,whatever he is saying doesn't matter...but that shoe sure does matter..


Yeah clothes don't matter in the shoe equation,most would rather have more shoes than clothes. I am guilty..

4. The world:

Give a girl a beautiful pair if shoes and she  rule the world. It is common to hear ladies say "i love shoes more than any thing in the world"

5. Chocolates:

In as much as chocolates are synonimous to women and also a romantic gesture,  i am sorry, we will prefer shoes to chocolates. *puppyface*

6. S_x:

Who ever invented the term shoe-gasm knew what they were talking about. Shoe can replace anything.*winkz*
   Shoe's are and will always be a girl's best friend.

So what do ya'll all think?

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J.I.I.M.E said...

preference to food well....?
Preference to your Boy friend / Hubby Oh c'on now would you? my wife gets easily distracted by shoes when we both having conversations, but i really don't think that it interprets to her placing it over me,but i can't say for the unmarried cause she just might. #tongue in Cheek..