Tuesday, 25 March 2014

want to know if you a shoe addict?

Do you want to know if you a shoe addict...alright i will gladly help you out on this one...here are some questions for you to read and answer. Your various answers will determine if you are or not.

1. How many pair s of shke do you own(that includes flip flops,sneakers,slippers or boots stashed in your car,office or friends house*winkzzzz* i repeat friendzz house...(i don't know where your mind is going to)...lol
a. More than 75
b. 35-75
c. 11 to 34
d. 1 to 10 (i pray)

2. The most expensive pair of shoes you ever owned cost how much?
a. More than $500
b. $200  to $499
c. $75 to $199
d. Under $75

3. How often do you have troubling the pair of shoes you really want yo wear?
a. Daily
b. Once a week
c. Occassionally
d. Never

4. How often do you buy new shoes?
a. Everyday
b. Once a week
c. Once a month
d. I can't remember

5. Where do you keep your shoes?
a. They have their own room
b. Built in shoe closet
c. Organised shoe rack
d. Arranged on the floor.

Let the fun begin.......

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