Thursday, 20 March 2014

Shop for flat shoes 1

When it comes to shoes, I am versatile, I wear both ballerina flats, wedges, heels and slippers. What I know i won't be caught wearing is the flat sandals, however foRM it comes in, AND IN AS MUCH AS I ADMIRE THEM, as far It's flat, its a no no for me, but doesn't mean I don't put on heel sandals.
 I recently came across some retailers flat shoes last year, and since then, no turning back.
 i will be SHARING my favorites everyday.


COTTON ON is an Australian retail chain store known for its fast fashion in both women, men and kids. Last year when I traveled, i went shoe shopping,....U KNOW that's what we ladies do, we just can't help it, I came across their shop, saw their shoes and instantly fell in love with the two above.....I and some ladies were practically struggling for the shoes, cos most of it were sold out. phew !!! they are quite affordable, anyone one can buy them. Their shoes are NOT TOO EXPENSIVE and IT makes your feet look sexy in them. Like I always say, am a shoe freak, SO WHENEVER I COME ACROSS ANY BEAUTIFUL AND QUALITY shoes, I will always share with ya'll. BLOGGING IS ALL ABOUT SHARING

you  can visit their online shop to make your choice. one thing I can assure you of COTTON ON shoes is that, they are long lasting shoes.

check them out on 

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