Sunday, 30 March 2014

shoe addiction

In some last posts,i talked about signs to know a shoe addict,then outlined a questionnaire for us to answer so as to ascertain whether we are shoe addicts,and for this post,am just going to summarise the shoe addiction subject.
  Sinces the times of perfidious imelda marcos,who owned a few thousand shoes,the insane passion of women for shoes has always been on everyone's lips.
People claim that each woman buys atleast three pairs a year,while others maybe six or more that multiplied by a few million women,would result in an average of a few billion shoes. This also accounts for the endless flourishing of new shoe store everywhere.
Even books were written on the the subject,psychologists and social usuage experts have exposed their theories on it, but the fact is nobody will ever get inside a women's head or in her shoes. Besides,when a woman like writer Danielle steel declares she owns six thousand pairs all of them louboutins or socialite paris hilton (check out her shoe closet in older post) says she has two thousand,and victoria beckham the fashiom desivner,claims she owns eight thousand pairs,it's easy to understand this is a transversal kind of passion.
And it may affect all of us,mercilessly,and without cultural discrimination,yet the purchase of a pair of shoes holds the same value for all women. Shoes are true fetish.
Shoes set you apart from everyone else and most of a they can make the same dress look different on each woman. Beautiful or ugly,it doesn't matter,shoes are the distinctive feature of our personal style. They make you look different and become a part of your individual style.
There are true schools Of thought on the matter whether high-heeled, flats, boots,stilettoes or platform,slippers or flip-flops. It's amazing to what extent a pair of shoes may discriminate nor only aesthetucally but socially,placing a woman into a class or another.
How many times have we labeled strangers or close friends only according to the type of shoes they are wearing! And not in a kind way...
Women anyway don't really care and according to polls are truly happy when they get a new pair.
Shoes really deserve being considered special.#a girls bestfriend.

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