Monday, 3 March 2014


He who has found a shoe has found a good thing,and obtain favour from all dont mind me dats me trying to remix oruka by sunny Nneji. Am just in a high spirit,don't know why...but all the same,i want ya'll to be in a good mood today,cos its monday,the first working day of the week and also of the new month...put on that lovely and gorgeous shoe,u've been planning to wear, and u'll look beautiful today.. cos your shoe will definately stand you out.
Pls ooo don't forgt to gist me about all of them compliments ya'll will be getting...hehehe....i love gist.#smiles
Have a great day at your various places of work.. cheers


Anonymous said...

Nice one, but u got me on that first line, I thought it's a bible verse, hehehehe
Mr Shaba

Anonymous said...

I got only one shoe so what do I do?
Well I think that works only for the female folk abi? Do guys really bother about shoes, well may some not not really me. Nice one, not bad a monday advice for fashion freaks.
Mixture. said...

Naah it's also applicable to the guys too,, we've got some fashion consious men.