Sunday, 16 March 2014

Misconceptions of flat shoes

The flat shoes don't really get as much attention as the heels does, they don't just seem quite adventurous. But be reminded just because they aren't as flashy as the heels, doesn't mean they are frumpy. They should be equaled to d heels because after the day’s work, your next option for your walk home is your heels.
Some of these misconceptions are listed below:

1.      Flat shoes are unattractive: well the truth is that high heeled shoes are undeniably sexy but that doesn't make flats total less attractive. Yeah some flats maybe frumpy on their own, but there are lots of classy, stylish, sophisticated and yes even sexy flats out there. You just have to search well for them. Do not settle for less, and when you’re wearing that right flat, be sure to rock them with the right outfits.
2.      Flat shoes don't look dressy: "dressy" for "wearing dresses" Because while it’s true that you probably won't find a pair of flats that will work with your favorite cocktail dress, there are plenty of other ways to dress up. Nice pants, suits, maxi skirts and even some shorter dresses looks amazing with flat shoes. You just need to choose the right style for your outfit.
3.       Flat shoes are old-fashioned: what is really old fashioned is thinking that age has anything to do with our sense of style. A young woman shouldn't feel pressured to wear heels any more than a healthy able bodied 60 year old should be forced to put on orthopedic flats. Wear the best that suits you, and you'll never go wrong.

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