Thursday, 27 March 2014

just for laugh

Some people are just so funny,even when its obvious that what they saying is wrong,they still stay
A friend and i were chattn yesterday,our discussion was soley shoes,then a friend of my friend came to join us..if only she knew,she would have just kept quiet.#i must to talk.....then the next thing i heard was...oh my God "i love christiana loubouton" immediately she said it,i thought maybe she made a mistake and mispronounced  the name,thinking she was going to correct herslf,rather she kept repeating the same words....seriously i didnt know when i burst out laughing,even my friend dat she came to see,couldn't help but laugh.....for crying out loud..what is "christiana loubouton"...its called "christian louboutin" the red sole shoe....
Please ladies,i know we love shoes yea.. but please take out time to know their words and spellings,so you won't be a victim of embarassment.. my friend's friend was embarassed, that through out our further conversation she kept mute..#laughingsohard.
Have a great day.

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