Thursday, 6 March 2014

Does the price of a shoe determine its quality?

I know you all are not strangers to the following words.such as..Do you know the quality of my shoe is better cos its quite expensive ? Or you can't compare your shoe to mine, Do u know where I bought them from? etc..the quality of a shoe cannot and must not be determined by the price of the shoe. There are a lot of low budget shoes being sold around that are far better than the highly priced can imagine buying a shoe for about 50k just because it looks so fancy and because its quite expensive and after wearing them for about a month or so it becomes so unrecognizable. Unlike when you buy a shoe for about 5k-12k,you wear them and it still KEEPs serving its purpose.
Am not saying highly priced shoes are inferior in quality very far from that,but the truth of the matter is shoe is shoe,the only thing is for one to look out for good shoes with beautiful finishing. Lady A might be putting on a very expensive shoe that if you want to buy it,you must be working in a big firm and save at-least nothing less than three months salary just to get those shoe, and at the same time, lady B might be putting on a relatively low price shoe. but when you then compare and contrast the both shoe, you will b surprised that people will tend to choose lady B. why? It's not because they've got any idea how much the both shoes cost, but because they've been able to analyse the factors which points to lady B shoes to be authentic. Do not be in a rush to buy a shoe cos its on the high side, check well if u are the type that really know the signs of a good quality shoe. but I won't blame some lady's, they are all about price tags (for bragging right among. lol), and they don't mind cos they've got the money to afford another if one goes bad.
Like I do say, there's no shame in being yourself, it only gets better to be different in order to standout amongst many, don't follow the train when you know you can't afford it. there are genuinely high priced shoes that are worth the price cos their qualities are superb. But one thing we should all know is, quality shoes, comes handy, invest your money on quality shoes. The price whether high or low, should not deter you from buying quality shoes, cos it saves you a lot. if you think its ok, the bottom line is no quality shoe is determined by its price.
Alright guys, let's hear your take on this one.

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