Thursday, 13 March 2014

Apologies for my MIA

I know most of my blog visitors, both the commenters and non commenters, would have been wondering, where have she been? she hasn't been blogging for some while no, yea you all are right  I've been up and busy, I have so many commitments to keep up with, but that's not an excuse though, am so sorry. I have returned to full blogging. Because I've got the passion for it, and also because I love shoes (*smiles*), I just can't help but wanting to share everything that concerns shoes.

Ya'll should keep visiting cos I've got lots of interesting topics on the block for all of us to enjoy. If you have any topic or post which you feel you want it published, feel free to contact me, after-all blogging is all about sharing.

Don't forget, this blog ain't all about fashion, its also about our daily shoe lifestyle, the shoes that makes us smile when we are out in the public. its also an interactive forum where people with the same love interest for shoes meet and never feel restricted. you and me makes it fun and better.

once again am sorry for MIA !!!

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