Monday, 10 February 2014

valentine fever

Ladies ladies ladies,
Guys guys guys,
 Valentine is around the corner,precisely 14th feb. The fever is so high that wherever you go,you feel it..
Some people have accepted their fate that nothing will happen on vals day either they won't be giving or recieving any gift.
 Gifts, no matter how small is appreciated... moreso the day doesn't necessarily have to be reserved for the lovers alone...naah you could val your friends,colleagues,family members and the list continues..
I know of people that don't celebrate valentine,excuse been that they don't engage in commercial love (lol)
Everyone has got their own ideology..but the fact remains that getting a beautiful set of shoe will not harm you..engage yourself in shopping for the perfect shoe for this season of love. A shoe that will speak for you when you are ushered into that exquite dining hall e.t.c.
There are shoes you jst can't afford to miss.
A beautiful shoe,will say a thousand words for you,all you've got to do is to walk it baby and you'll be just fyn.

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