Wednesday, 12 February 2014


For women,shoes are more than just an accessory,it is the key to their confidence.

Women's love for shoes goes way back,its really a subject one can't just explain rather it puts a question on everybody's mind asking "what really is women's fasination with shoe?. The funny part of the story is,when you ask any lady why she loves and tend to acquire more shoes even when it is obvious that she won't wear all of them,the response you will get is "i don't know,i just love them,it is beautiful and would go with a particular outfit. That simply answers the question that women themselves don't understand why they love shoes.

Our love and loyalty for shoes is rooted deeply in us that even when we experiencing pains and backaches from the high heeled stilletos we putting on or when we know that we are exposed to the risk of having some foot diseases or deformities e.g bunions,hammer toes e.t.c,we still won't back down.

Women wear most of these shoes for better confidence,maybe those that have shorter legs so they may boost up their height, they also wear them for s_x appeal.

The fact that we love cute and beautiful shoes shouldn't push us to join the rush and craze to buy and wear any shoe that is in vogue.Not every shoe is meant for everyone. A shoee that might fit A will definately not fit B rather we should learn to know what fits our feets well so as to keep them looking healthier and also to be on the safe side.

I personally,don't do shoes that don't fit me,when i've got sharp mouthed people round me.*lol*

Ladies don't succumb to pressures all because your friend is putting on the lastest trendy shoe so therefor you have to get it so as to feel among, doesn't work that way. You have to safe guard your beautiful feet and the the toes on them..

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