Tuesday, 4 February 2014

is it normal to borrow shoes to wear?

I recently bumped into an article which i found to be very interesting because this is something that happen or we engage in our daily lives.

"I have a colleague and we also have a good relationship with each other. Recently, i went to work with a Christian louboutin wedge which i bought from an online website at a low price. She showered praises on my shoes saying they were very beautiful and of cause i was very happy. But my happiness was short lived when she said she wanted to borrow my shoe to wear,i hesitated because i hate to borrow other people's shoe to wear,even if they were my family,let alone friends. and more-so this isn't the first time she's asked for which i obliged to. am finding it so annoying. i badly wish i could mustered the courage to say no, but didn't know how to go about it without hurting her feelings and our relationship.

This isn't a funny situations; cos we might have found ourselves at some cross roads too. well i did a questionnaire and these are a few out of the responses i got
1. I share what i wear but i can never put on a friends shoe no matter how close we are...and if a friend should eventually put on a shoe of mine,i wouldn't collect it back.
2. I only put on my brother's shoes and he does same to mine. I can only borrow my friends my shoes but i can't put on their's. its my personality, i don't just do it.
3. Sure as long as you know the person doesn't have a fungus. But try and spray some anti-fungal and de-ordorizer before and after.
4. Shoes are pretty private things,but friends mean more than material things.
These perceptions are all OK. but for me personally, i really don't like putting on people's shoes,but can give out mine to be worn. There are instances where you just bought a new shoe, and geez your friend couldn't get her eyes off them,then the next thing you'll hear is 'please i think I will wear this your shoe today,it will go better with the outfit am wearing today. And in your mind you'll be like 'what kind of a girl is this'?,can't she just allow me launch my shoe first? But because she's your friend,you just cave in and BORROW her..
Is there any advantage or disadvantages?
Lets know your views and opinions.

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