Wednesday, 19 February 2014

celebrities and their signature footwear

1. Lady Gaga and platforms:
Lady Gaga's shoes aren't for the weak of feet. Whether covered in meat,are seemingly impossible to walk in(see; Alexannder McQueen heels from her "bad romance") video or any worm to award shows. The singer has made weirdest  and most intimidating platform shoes her trademark.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolo Blahnik:
 "S_x and the city's Carrie Bradshaw helped draw worldwide attention to manolo blahnik, but in addition  to the character's shoe obsession, Sarah Jessica Parker has also been linked with the brand. The actress has recently signed on to design a collection for manolo blahnik.

3. Kristen Stewart:
 Kristen stewart's affinity for converse makes sense considering the actress is renown for being herself by maintaining her casual,jeans and a t-shirt style. She goes as far as wearing them on award show red carpets as well as out and about. Its only a matter of time before designs her own line.

4. Gwen Stefani and Doc Martens:
You'd be hard pressed to find another singer as tied into the 90's as Gwen stefani. Her fashion sense is so adorable and her continued affection for Doc marten is larger than anything. You will always find her showcasing the brand in London,LA and onstage.

5. Rihanna and Adidas:
Rihanna rocks the best of both worlds in one, she's stage ready and heel-centric,making best dressed lists after nearly every public event . On the other, she's casual and Adidas clad,favoring high top sneakers and keopard print styles.

6. Beyonce and christian louboutin:
We all know Beyonce's closet would be one to raid,but her shoe space might take the cake thanks to her for christian louboutins . The singer is constantly seen out in the trademark red soled style.

7. Victoria Beckham:
Despite having damaged her feet as a result of high heels,Victoria Beckham continues to live up to her posh reputation by embracing heights and lots of it. From sandals to boots to classic pumps. She even wore  sky high heels while pregnant with daughter Harper seven Beckham.

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