Saturday, 11 January 2014


I overheard the conversation of two women yesterday,they were both in a jovial mood chatting,then all of a sudden i noticed the tune of their voice changed,twas more like the tune of annoyance as been me,i adjusted myself to a more comfortable hearing wasn't funny.
To my amazement yh,all they were arguing about was shoes......i smiled to myself like this is quite interesting. The fair lady was dear once i've gat a black,brown and any other  coloured shoes am good to go. Then the other lady cutted in and was like babe you not serious ooo..which one is just black,brown and any other colour and you're good to go,hmmm my dear if i don't buy the whole shoes my hand and money can touch am not gonna be for every clothing,whether to match or colour blocking am there..the fair lady then said ......hmmm is it that you wanna eat the shoes or what...what do you need all those shoes for?,the dark lady then replied her saying...u've gat absolutely no idea..wats the essence of having just one or few shoes when you can have so many so as to have unique and different a shoe freak so you cant blame me...
The essence of me eavesdropping into their conversation was to listen to peoples view about shoes.. the fair gave so many reasons as yo why shez got so many shoes,reasons like,my leg is my pride so as the hair is the pride of feet reflects my personality and so many other reasons she gave
According to my own opinion in this sought of  issue is,#there is no such thing as too much shoes# if you a shoe freak or you've gat good eyes for shoes,you cant just help but buy more and more shoes,whether you need it at that particular moment or not..
No shoe is a wasted,you not wearing it now,does not mean tomorrow you wont have need of it.
Am a big loyal fan of plenty shoes, and stand as an advocate for lovers of shoes that once again *there's no Such thing as too much shoes.

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