Thursday, 23 January 2014


You probably own way too many pairs of shoes.

Stop for a second and think about how many pair of shoes you own according to this new study.
A survey was conducted on women,with the result showing that women are only wearing a quarter of the shoes they're purchasing.
The study which polled 2,352 women over the age of 18,found out that ladies own about 20 pairs of shoes on average,yet they only put 5 of them into their regular rotation.
Now the Question is why aren't we taking advantage of our extensive footwear collections?
Here are the top excuses we're giving about why we are neglecting our shoes
1. Too uncomfortable (too tight on feet/too high heels)(64%)
2.Hard to match with an outfit(55%)
3.Scared to damage/were very expensive(41%)
4. Were given as a gift and don't like them(31%)
5. Didn't like them as much when i brought them home(21%)
What's more the survey found out that 86% of women own at least one or more pairs of  shoe  that they've never worn 
Now what does these tell us,should we slow down and rein in our apparent shoe purchasing addiction?

Lets know our opinions?


Salihu Tyabo said...

nyc write up..

Anonymous said...

Am a victim of dz.hv gat some shoes which hv nt worn yet.jst waiting for d rite Tym