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*Alligator Skin
*Athletic Shoe
*Ankle Strap
*Ankle Boot

*Boot: A footwear which covers the entire foot and extends to the height of the ankle or up to the thigh

*Booties: A footwear that resembles a boot in style but is not as high

*Brogue: A heavy oxford-style shoe featuring perforated detailing

*Built Heel

*Canvas: A closely women heavy cloth of cotton,hemp or linen


*Clog: A closed toe,open back shoe with a platform sole traditionally with a wood heel

*Cuban Heel
*Cycling Shoes

*Circumference: The measurement around the shaft of a boot/bootie taken at the widest part near the part of the shaft

*Combat Boots

*Color Blocking: Strategically placed,contrasting yet complimentary,bold and bright colours on a shoe

*Cowboy BootsCowboy boots:a boot with a chunky moderately high stanted heel,usually pointed toe,and decorative stiching or tooling extending to mid-calf

*Crepe: A natural rubber with a crinkled texture,used in shoe soles

*Dance Shoes
*Demi Booy
*Derby Shoes
*Driving Moccasin

*Eel Leather

*Espadrille: A shoe or sandal style that has a women rope or similar material covering the wedge or sole

*Exercise Sandals

*Eva: Ethylene vinyl acetate

*Faux Leather

*Flats: Shoes that do not have any heel height

*Football Shoes
*French Heel

*Fabric: A type of material used on shoe

*Golf Shoes



*Heel Height: Heel Height is measured on a vertical line at the top of the  heel and goes from the bottom surface of the sole to the floor

*Hiking Boots
*High Profile

*Imitation Leather


*Jelly Shoes: Man made shoes with a soft rubbery material

*Kitten Heel


*Lace Up: A string threaded through the eyelets of a shoe used for fastening the shoe

*Loafers: A low step-in shoe without shoe laces or buckles

*Low Profile

*Leather: The hide of an animal that has been treated and tanned

*Man Made: Not made from animal

*Mary Jane
*Medium Height Heel

*Moccasin: A slip on shoe with visible stiching around the perimeter of the box creating a gathered effect

*Motorcycle Boot

*Man Tailored: Similar to an oxford shoe(a low shoe with laces over the in step)

*Norwegian Shoe

*Nubuck Shoe: Leather with a soft and velvety surface and is considered very durable


*Oxfords: A low shoe with laces over the in step

*Oil Tanned Leather
*Open Toe
*Orthopedic Shoe

*Peep Toe: A shoe that has an opened toe in the front

*Pigskin Leather
*Pilgrim Shoe
*Plain Toes

*Platforms: A shoe with thick sole under the front part of the foot and high heel

*Point Shoes
*Point Shoes

*Pumps: Classically a high,medium or low heeled,totally enclosed shoe.variations include an open toe or ornament


*Patent: Various materials can be used to create a varnished hard and glossy finish

*Quater Rubber

*Riding Boots: A boot designed specifically for riding horses.usually knee high and with a low heel.the term can also refer to fashion boots that are designed to resemble riding boots


*Sandals: An open toe and open back shoe with leather or fabric straps accross the foot

*Sling Back: An open back shoe with an elastic or buckle strap going around the upper heel

*Shaft Height: Measurement of the shaft of the boot,which is from the top of the boot to the inside seam where the instep and the sole meet.

*Saddle Oxford
*Saddle Shoes
*Scupted Heel
*Semi Brogue Shoe
*Shoe Trees
*Shoe Sizes

*Slipper: A flat casual slip-on usuaully worn indoor

*Snake Leather
*Snake Pump
*Sole Edge
*Split Leather

*Stacked Heel: A heel made of leather or another material covering that gives the appearance of a wood

*Strappy Sandals

*Suedes: Leather that has been sandes or buffed to create a soft napped surfaced

*Tango/Flamenco Shoes

*TasselTassel:a decorative rope and knot element typically found on the vamp of a shoe
*Tennis Vintage
*The Chukka Boot
*Track Shoes

*Thong: A sandal with an asymmetrically 'y' strap that passes between the first two toes

*Tpr: Thermoplastic rubber

*Twill: Fabric constructed in a weave


*Upper: The upper includes all the parys of a shoe above the sole that are stretched or cemented together

*Uv Absortive

*Velvet: A fabric of silk,nylon acetate,rayon etc

*Wedge: A heel that lies flat to the ground and extends to the groind and extends drom the shank to the back of the shoe

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