Monday, 6 January 2014


The list of celebrities with enviable shoe closet,cannot be analysed in a day,cause they are numerous with eye popping closets.
For today we are going to be looking into just a few of them.

1.Kim kardashian

Kim kardashian is an American television personality,fashion designer,model,actress and business woman.
The Kardashians have everything money can buy,and we find ourselves growing increasingly jealous of things they get to wear. Kim's taste in shoes are just off the hook. Her shoe closet world is a place where Louboutins and Jimmy Choo run wild. Kim has an impressive and enviable 3 closets full of wonderful,fabulous and amazing shoes. Her closets is colour coordinated.
According to her,"i'm addicted". Kim is rarely spotted in footwear of the flat variety,"unless am working out, i'm always in heels. Sometimes i find it uncomfortable to be seen in flats. Even down to when she had her pregnancy,she was mostly seen on heels.
Her 3 closets includes one for her heels,one foe her boots and one for her sneakers and flip flops. She does so, so as to accommodate her growing collection
*she would love to raid Jennifer Lopez shoe closet.

2. Paris Hilton(the provocative woman)

Paris Hilton is a model,actress,socialite,producer,T.v personality,business woman,fashion designer,author and singer.
Paris Hilton's shoe closets is something you must see. She has closers entirely dedicated to her shoes. She is one who is obsessed with shoes,therefore she has her own show line. Her closet is filled with nearly untouched footwear. She has over 200 pairs of shoes ."I have a certain pair that i love and wear all the time,the others are just high up the shelves  and i don't see them. She counts Charlotte Olympai and Christain Louboutin as her favourite footwear and she has only worn half.

3. Kourtney Kadashian.

Kourtney Kardashian ia an American television personality,fashion designer and model.kourtney among the kardashian sisters has the smallest shoe closet.
Not to say she doesn't have a beautiful shoe closet. Kourtney K pumps up her girly ensemble with head turning heels in rainbow and metallic hues.she has got lots of fabulous sandals cause of her children.

**hmm its no denying it that i would love to raid kim k's closet in a whole.

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