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choosing the right shoes for different occasions

Women in general will never get tired of buying new shoes as long as they can afford them. without any doubt,women's passion for shoe's is endless and its not as easy as it seems to get a pair of right shoes to go with the outfit  for various occasions.
As many women would proclaim: never underestimate the important role of shoe in creating your overall style and presentation.

For your information,this doesn't go for all women but for those who love their shoes like do,we know the importance of getting a pair of right shoes for different occasions especially for those big events.

On occasions,where there is no excuse to look gorgeous and whilst keeping your decency,beautiful shoes are required and perfection is pursued.

In order to stand out and impress everyone and yourself when you look in the mirror,wearing a piece of striking dress is not enough,and what you need more to complete the dress and enhance your style is a pair of fabulous heels.

This not to objectify women but your taste in shoes adds to your sense of style and how en-vogue you are. Even most actually appreciate women in beautiful heels.

There are different shoes one could wear for different occasions,usually high heels are the most chosen footwear foe special evening occasions. Sometimes,your cha can be augmented by a pair of shoes.

For office lady,who needs to wear relatively formal black high heels seemed to be the standard footwear for work. However, your feet will suffer alot wearing high heels all day long and it is also boring to wear the similar black heels again and again. To loom formal doesn't necessarily mean can bring fashion to formal outfits in a proper way.
choose simple but trendy designs. Besides, you can also try bold colours such as navy blue,bright yellow and red,which can add more fun and energy to your outfit.

You will know how painful it will be wearing a pair of heels to go jogging or in a sporting event. At this point the best choice would be a sneakers or athletic footwear

If you can't lice without heels,well,there are sneakers with inched soles added for you to choose from. But high heels shouldn't be an everyday affair cause it's got it's own disadvantages and complications.

Shoes are definately an intergretal part of the overall outfit that you create and always regarded as the essential accessory that makes the finishing point of one's style. The reality is that that the wrong shoes tend to cause a negative impression. Sometimes even if you put on the most boring clothes,like black t-shirts and jeans,you can still pop out with the addition of a pair if attention catching shoes.

And to talk about high heels with a pair of jeans,they are one if the most charming and attractive pair if its done right.

Choosing the best pairs of shoes to match you and your outfit can only accentuate your style,while a wrong match could undermine your appeal.learn to pick out a variety of versatile and comfortable footwear with these simple guidelines.

* The best time for shoe shopping is in the middle of the day. Your feet tend to "shrink" in the morning and "swell" in the evening
* Assess the colours in your wadrope and your dressing style and look for shoes that go well with them.
* Try out shoes on both feet,as one maybe slightly bigger than the other.
* Your shoes should fit well. Leave a half-inch gap between your big toe and the end of the shoe. There should be sufficient width and enough room to wriggle your toes.
* Be kind to your feet. Many have sacrificed comfort for a beautiful pair of stilettos and in turn suffered much pain,discomposure and embarrassment 
* Invest in leather shoes for comfort and durability
* Glitzy evening shoes have no place in the office, and flip-flops aren't generally considered acceptable for a formal event. So how do you know which shoes you should wear? Well, the simplest approach would be to wear simple loafers or ballet shoes for casual events,and classic pumps foe anything dressy..but that can get a little boring. If you want to play it safe, go ahead and wear those widely accepted styles but choose a unique colour,or a pair that is embellished with a chic buckle or other accent.
But if you want to make a more dramatic statements,by all means pair with a pair of stilettoes, but avoid attracting the wrong attention  rather stick to the shoes that are well suited for your environment.
NB. Think about the events and locations.
Wearing the right pair of shoes complete your be sure to select your shoes well and invest in quality and comfort as a good pair of shoe will take you places.

Source: The weekend Globe

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