Thursday, 2 January 2014


Am sorry this post is coming on the  2nd day of the new year..its all good cause all things works for the  better.
The new year is a year of forgiveness,you don't necessarily have to forgive just your enemies,you should forgive those who might have wronged you knowingly and unknowingly,those who must have toyed with your feelings and emotions,even if it hurts so bad trust me you will always find a light shining bright on your face which depicts strong will,and shows you are moving on,also forgive those who do not see the beauty of who you are,cause all we need do is rise up.

The new year is also a year to be more closer to God,for without him we can do nothing. He is our protector, leader,provider,our guide and our strength for tomorrow. He is our all in all.

The new year is a year to be focused in achieving all of our heart desires.. and as women,empowering ourselves to be strong and better individuals. Doing away with all forms of ignorance,laziness and non-commitment to the work of our hands.

The new year is also a time to refurnish our lives,not just our private but our physical lives.taking maximum care of ourselves. Cause the way you dressed will be the way you will be addressed.

Lastly, having a good shoe closet that will show what our personality looks like.

In everything we want to do,we shall definately succeed,all we need is determination and strive.

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Jean aka does she really LOVE me said...

Really inspired by ur post.... I ought to better start forgiving and letting the past go.. Thanks and do keep the inspiring projects going on.