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Tips on how to take care of different type of shoe.

There are different types of shoe,but we are going to deal with the more common ones.

LEATHER SHOES: taking care of leather shoes are quite easy by using these three easy steps *clean
 Using a damp cloth or soft brush,clean the surface of your leather shoes to remove dirt ans dust. Spread a shoe polish that is specially made foe leather over the entire surface. Allow the polish to dry and buff them using a soft brush to make them shiny and look good as your shoes in areas that have good air ventilation,make sure that you put them on air dry after every use before storing them in cabinets or shoe racks. This prevents accumulation of shoe moisture that often leads to the formation of fungus.
If ever fungus becomes present on your shoes,remove them using a damp is also important to note that shoes made of leather are kept dry all the time.
Use paper towels or dry cloths to pat dry their inner areas to prevent them from having bad odour due to bacterial and fungal build up.

RUBBER SHOES: the combination of soap ans warm water effectively removes dirt and dust from the surface of rubber shoes. Athletic shoes uses for wild activities will more or less likely have soil and dirt accumulating on their soles, without submerging the shoes,put the rubber soles under warm water to help scruff off hard-to-remove dirt that has already hardened.
Another common problem with shoes made from rubber  is ink stains,these are not easily removed from their surface by using plain soap and water. Look for lemon extract and put some drops on a cotton,rub it over the ink stained surface  and use a soft brush to further remove.

SUEDE SHOES: use a suede brush in cleaning shoes made from suede material. Do light strokes that go on the same direction. This effectively remove dirt and dust and keep the fibre of suede looking good as new. It also prevents these fibres from falling or tearing or falling apart.brush lightly to remove water stains.
On the other hand stains caused by oils ans dyes are hard to remove using the above method techniques. This means that there is a possibility that you cannot return to he original look of your sued shoes.

We all must learn to take care of our shoes.good shoes make our feet appealing and healthy.

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