Friday, 27 December 2013



Smelling shoes are shoes that emit bad unwanted odour,due to excessive sweat and unhealthy approach to diligent cleaning.
Foot odour results in smelling shoes.

How to keep your shoes from stinking:

*deodorize with baking powder every night when you take them off..before you will put them on in the morning,take them outside and dust off excess powder
*put in odour control insoles into your shoes. The insoles could be cut into to fit the shape of your shoes and it comes in different colour.e.g you could ask a local shoe maker to cut one out for you which is simple.
*put your shoes in a freezer size sealable plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight.the cold will kill any fungus or bacteria causing the odour
*always was your shoes,both inside out.make sure to wash the insoles too
*if your feet starts smelling when they get damp,a good way to prevent dampness is to powder them with baby powder or talcum powder.the powder has a pleasant scent which could help your feet from sweating
*wash your feet with antibacterial soaps.washing them everyday will leave them dry and cracked..therefore when you wash and your feet gets dry,always moisturize them.
*put deodorant on your feet..this may sound weird,but trust me it is a very good option..u can get deodorant mean for foot alone which are called foot sprays,but in situations where you cant find one,buy any deodorant and use
Only for your feet and no other place.
*give your shoes a break. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes three days in a row.this gives them a chance to air before you wear again
*always put your shoes outside for good air penetration
Wear breathable socks when possible,socks are also like insulators they absorb sweats and prevent much odour..learn to wash your socks everyday,never repeat a socks twice.
*put on shoes that fits your feet
*never put on a wet shoe,when your shoes are wet,stuff them with newspaper or tissues thwn keep them to dry.
*occasionally change your insoles or better still take your shoes to the cobbler to have them replaced.

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