Friday, 27 December 2013


Your shoes as a lady are your appearance little pet,the way you keep and take care of them will be the way your appearance will look like. Using of shoe care materials maybe the ugly weapons and proceses to use in shoe care,but the result are fare prettier than the protection they offer.
1. Always keep the surface of your shoes clean at all times,clean them before you go out and after you are back.
2. Polish your shoes with plenty of polish and allow them to sit with the polish on as long as possible. Ideally let the polish stay overnight. Make sure you get plenty of polish into the crack between the upper and the sole.
3. Before polishing your shoes,always wipe them over with a dry cloth to get rid of surface dirts
4. Take off the excess polish with a brush or cloth and shine them up.
5. Never wear your shoes in the rain, rather opt for a rubber or plastic shoe or slippers as an alternative. But if you must wear them,make sure its been worn about 3-4 times
6. If your shoes do get wet,put shoe trees or newspapers if you don't have trees. Let them dry at a room temperature for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet leather will wear out twice as quick as dry sole leather.
7. You should repair your shoes when you feel a very spot in the middle of the front of the shoe where you walk. Push it with your thumb to feel,if its soft,its about to go,and if it is a little soft,its got another few days or less months.
  If you look after your shoes,they might just last longer for you.