Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 ending,heading to 2014

Barely four days to go out of 2013,into 2014,we are been ushered into another year of fantastic and fabulous shoes to choose from
 As a lover of shoe,you will come accross so many options to choose from,all i can say is go for shoes that best defines your feet which will enlighten and enhance your personality instantly..just like it is popularly said that the hair is a woman's glory,so likewise is our feet our pride.
  When your personality is showcased,after your outfit is scrutinised,the next is your feet,lets see what she's putting on..cause your shoe best describes you.

We have lovers of so many things,that at a point it then becomes obsession,trust me obsession is healthy to a particular stage but never let it overboard. back to been lovers of so many things,e.g lovers of cloths,bags,jewelries,watches, SHOES!!!........... i could go on forever.
 When you meet one who is a freak of shoes,there is nothing that will stop that individual from getting as much shoes as she likes..

Lets learn to put on the right shoes for the right occassion, lastly and most importantly shoes that best describes us..

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Igho said...

I must say, your insight on shoe maintenance, quality is quite outstanding.