Monday, 15 January 2018

Feet grooming Products At Affordable Prices.

Most of the problems we ladies are having is how to maintain a clean and soft foot well i came across this article from spy that talked about some affordable products for feet grooming. I hope it goes a long way to help most of us. I will start putting up reviews of products i use for my feet so we can discuss more.

* Treat tired, achy feet to spa-like luxuries

* Say goodbye to dry, cracked feet and pesky calluses

* Can be done in the comfort of our own home

It’s easy to take our feet for granted. Day in and day out, they put up with our shenanigans — from being jammed into your favorite stilettos and elevated to unnatural heights to smothering inside sweaty socks or tight pantyhose.

You don’t need an expensive spa treatment to show your feet love and care. We’ve round up seven sole-soothing products to pamper your feet in the comfort of your home and without breaking the bank.

​​1. Natural Foot Repair Salve
This all-over moisturizing lotion was specially designed to soften the driest of skin. Made with natural, rich oils and nourishing vitamin E, this Foot Repair Salve from J.R. Watkins will help maintain skin’s vitality with exceptional conditioning elements

J.R. Watkins Foot Repair Salve, Peppermint

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sponsored Post: Affordable and Stylish Dresses at Okdress.

Court Train Trumpet/Mermaid Satin Zipper Lace Wedding Dresses
  We ladies are the luckiest beings alive when it comes to fashion because many online stores are springing up daily and what they are offering is mostly female clothing’s and designers also are not left out because they make us their major priority by coming up with every fashionable item that will suit our taste and with that I introduce to you all okdress an online store that is making major waves today and most importantly one of the trendiest online boutique that I can’t seem to get over honestly because I keep saying to myself how can one store have everything that spells fashion and still keeps to date with all upcoming trends and guess what guys you don’t really have to break the bank and by that I mean it is really affordable .

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sponsored post: Gamiss Valentines Day Promotion

Good day babes! February is almost here and what does it mean?  14TH is Valentine’s Day!!! Yessss! I really love all Valentine decoration in shops and every place, restaurants and pubs, also turn extremely beautiful. One of the most asked questions for this special date is what are you going to wear. Don’t worry, you could find in this article a guidebook to a trendy and fashion Valentine’s Day based on Gamiss  valentines day 2018 incredible promotions, that you can find  here: . This guide is going to be focused on three different Valentine’s plans so you can find the perfect look for every occasion:
1. Special collocation date:  
Theres a theory that wearing these colors, most especially black  and red, makes one looks more sexually attractive. Men and women in red or near red and black are perceived by women as having higher status than men who aren't wearing or near red. You are going to have a very romantic date with your boyfriend. 
I suggest you wear a piece of item that is in or have the color black This color isnt only flattering on any skin tone but also symbolizes confidence. 

Sponsored post: Valentine’s Day 2018 on Zaful

Have you done all the shopping related to ongoing holidays? You might have thought that the shopping is done, but Valentines day is knocking at the door and Zaful: has prepared some really interesting offers for you! That 14th of February is getting closer and you might want to think in advance what would you like to buy for your Valentine or eventually to treat yourself! During this Zaful Valentine’s Day Promotion: there are some great offers when it comes to choosing you Zaful valentines day sale 2018: If you haven’t shopped on our website before, now is the right time!

Sponsored Post: Zaful Valentine's Day guidebook


We know, that you might be a little bit nervous to go for a date on a Valentine's day. What are the expectations of your girlfriend, how will she feel when she sees you. First of all, you need to feel good in your shoes. Not literally, but you need to be confident and proud, to take her on a date. Make sure, you also pick a right outfit. Be careful, to choose clothes, that will make HER look like a queen. Go with something casual and strong. Hide your insecurities with some hoodies or go for a shirt, that will bold out your perfect body. Also, don't forget for a right perfume! With some accesories, like a artificial leather braid bracelet, you will show her your masculinity and also your pretty side.

Outfit pick:

Sponsored Post:Get your Valentine's day game strong with Rosegal.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and many of you have probably made plans for the special day. Some of you are spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend, while some of you are going on a romantic date. There are many things you can do for those of you who don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not going on a date. You can for instance have a Valentine’s party or spend time with your friends and family. But whatever you choose to do, a Valentine’s Day gift will always brighten up the day. Rosegal is currently having a valentine’s day gifts 2018 collection where you can find the best valentine’s day gifts.

Sponsored Post: Rosegal Valentine's Day Gifts 2018

It’s soon Valentine’s day, and it’s a special day for many. Some of you might go for a romantic date or spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But there are many people who are not going on a date or have a boyfriend or girlfriend, who must find other ways to spend the day. For instance, the girls can arrange a sleepover party while the guys can arrange a bachelor party. But whatever you plan on Valentine’s day. There might be some of you who don’t know what to wear on that day. To help you along the way, we decided to write a Valentine’s Day outfit guidebook, where you can get inspiration and advice on what you can wear on that day. We decided to divide it into three parts: 1. outfit for dating for boyfriends, 2. Sisters installed outfits, 3. Outfit for bachelor party. We hope that this Valentine’s Day guidebook is helpful, and we wish everyone to have wonderful and great Valentine’s day filled with love and happiness.

1.Outfits for dating for boyfriends
We picked out these dresses which you can wear for a date. They are very romantic. It’s important to wear a dress which is comfortable and which you feel confident in. We think that colors like Red or Black are perfect colors to wear for Valentine’s day. Red is associated with romance while black is associated with something mysterious. For accessories you can for instance wear earrings and necklaces with pearls or diamond details. Just dress to impress, keep it simple with not too many details and let your personality shine through.

Outfit 1:

Friday, 12 January 2018

Sponsored Post: Hot and Stylish Dresses From Yoins.

It’s a new year and a beautiful one with lots of bright promises. For me this year, I will be doing lots of clearing by discarding of the old and replacing with new and with that, shopping mode activated. I’ve been on the lookout for online stores that offer beautiful and quality fashionable clothing's at affordable price and voila I came across yoins which is an international fashion forward online store.

Sponsored post: My Zaful Valentine Wish List.

 Bowknot Tube Lace Mini Dress - Pink M

Hey My lovelies! Happy new month once again to everyone.

Wow we already on the 12th of January...hmmm the days are flying fast and closely catching up on our favorite month which is February. I know you all know what’s going down on February so I won’t beat around the bush but come out straight to say I hope everyone is gearing up for February 14th which is Valentine’s Day.

It is a way set aside for lovers to display their love however they deem fit and with that, valentines day sale is going on all around and one I wouldn’t want any of us to miss is the Zaful Valentines day sale because I tell you don’t want to miss all the prices that has been slashed down on most of their cute products thereby making much more affordable so you can be able to get something nice and unique for you loved ones.

 There are gift items to suit whoever you have in mind to gift be it a romantic lover or family and friends. So what are you waiting for, rush down to their site and head to the valentines sale section and shop away.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sponsored Post: My Zaful Review.

Hey my lovelies!

Once more again happy new year to every one of you and I hope you enjoying it as much as I am.

This post is a review of some items I got from Zaful and I know most of you might be conversant with this online store cos I have done some reviews in previous post

Choosing the product: Choosing the product was not very easy because truth be told they’ve got lots of incredible fashionable and trendy items, but I went for the items below.

Shipping: The products came in super late maybe because it collided with the festive period but in all, they came in in good care. Note that the dispatch duration which was a bit long is different from the shipping time.

The Review:

1. Faux Leather Multi-Function Handbag – Brown: this brown bag is my favorite among-st all cos it can be styled for both casual and business look and the features are as follows, The exterior is made from brown PU leather which is different from the normal pure leather, it as a central zipper, cell phone pocket, inner zipper pocket which divides the main compartment, medium size 20-30cm, closure type is flip over with magnetic hasp, back zipper pock, underneath metal studs to give the bag sitting balance, tote handle and long strap handle.

 2. Weave Textured Leather Tote Bag – Black: This black bag is really cute and very handy. The features are as follows, the exterior of the bag is made from PU leather material, sides are weaved in, large inner compartment divided into two with an interior zipper pocket, medium size, no lock style, tote handle, decorative iron in front and long strap handle.

 3. Metal Embellished PU Leather Crossbody Bag – black: this bag oozes simplicity with class and can be used for any occasion or any style. The exterior is made from skin leather, medium sized, tote handle, long strap handle, underneath metal studs to give the bag sitting balance, closure style is flip over with magnetic hasp.

 4. Heat Sensitive Soft Phone Case For phone – black for iPhone 5/5s/se: this phone case has two colors which are black and red and works with heat from the phone to change into the red color.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Buy Cheap A Line Prom Dresses 2018 Online - Best 30+ Party Evening Gowns...

This year is a year to look classy so shop from the ranges millybridal has to offer and guess what girls...they are very affordable.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year To Each And Everyone Of You.

Hiya my lovelies

I want to use this medium to say a very big thank you to each and everyone of you for being part of my 2017, the journey so far has honestly not been easy but in everything i give thanks to God for He alone is the author of our lives and guess what guys.......It’s 2018 already and yippee we crossed into this beautiful and blessing filled year successfully.I pray all our heart desires, dreams and aspirations will come to fulfillment in Jesus name.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Have You Gotten Any Gift For Christmas Yet?

Hey my lovelies!

We are officially counting down in days  to Christmas and if you don't know, it's just four days to go and i know many of us are still cracking our brains over what gift we should get our loved ones and truth be told, buying of gifts is usually not the problem but rather what to buy is the issue. Well i am here to give you a simple technique that has worked for me and if applied, i hope it works for you too.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Jimmy Choo and Micheal Kors Has Joined The Real Fur Free Movement. So Who is Next?

Jimmy Choo Black Leather and White Fox Fur Boots
Hiya my lovelies!

Happy new week all of you. So i don't know if this is good news or bad news but all the same i will still present it as it is. Some weeks back, i put up a post telling us that Gucci has decided to go fur free and now it seems as if other power houses are catching the fire of going fur free because Jimmy Choo and Micheal Kors have decided to also go real fur free .

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sponsored post: Christmas Shopping with Zaful is the Ultimate.

The most anticipated time of the year is finally drawing near and everyone is seriously gearing up for it. Everywhere you go, the sales of Christmas themed items stare right at our faces and we can’t help but be forced to do some purchasing.